Dilafor AB is a women’s health company based in Stockholm, Sweden, developing new therapies for women’s health indications with large unmet medical needs. The company was founded in 2003 by scientists from Karolinska Institutet,  Lund University, Uppsala University and experts with significant experience from the pharmaceutical industry.

Dilafor is dedicated to the development of pharmaceutical products aimed at minimizing the risk for protracted labor and associated complications. Protracted labor represents a significant unmet clinical need and is the major cause of emergency Caesarean Sections as well as several other serious complications affecting both the mother and the newborn baby.

Dilafor currently has innovative programs targeting indications at clinical stage of development and one program in preclinical development. Dilafor’s proprietary substance, tafoxiparin, is in phase IIb clinical development as a treatment against protracted labor.

As many as 40% of all pregnant women experience protracted labor, which carries a high risk of complications for both mothers and infants.